School Amenities

The Children's Academy facilities features unique amenities and offers a wide range of enrichment programs to provide your children the best possible learning and caring experience. We pride ourselves in taking a different approach to the way we use our space to give children exciting learning experiences each day. All of the facility amenities and enrichments are included in the cost of tuition.
Chef-Lead Kitchen
Our Healthy Kids Initiative promotes children and families practicing and enjoying a lifestyle of healthy eating and physical activity within an environment that supports health, wellness and vitality. A large part of the TCA Healthy Kids Initiative will include a chef lead kitchen that will furnish the children with healthy food choices for breakfast, lunch and snacks. At The Children's Academy, our students will only be served fresh or frozen vegetables. All fruit will be rinsed free of syrup and fresh or frozen will be selected over canned. Each menu will carefully be designed with the seasonal fruits and vegetables in mind and we proudly support our local produce markets. We are dedicated to serving your children healthy, great tasting meals that the children of TCA can also enjoy while setting the right example for a healthy lifestyle. Children are encouraged to try new foods, however, menus are designed with kids in mind and child friendly presentation and selection. We recognize the health and wellness of your children and remind all parents that TCA is a nut free facility. We respect that children may have different allergies and will work with the parents to make sure every day is a safe food day. Parents are welcome to pack a lunch and snacks for their children to accommodate more severe health allergies or issues. Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your child. Our kitchen has an open door policy, so feel free to stop by and examine our kitchen and menu.
Sensory and Tactile Room
It has been proven that Infants and Pre-Toddlers learn best in a multi-sensory, high stimulation environment. At TCA, we are pleased to offer a full use Sensory/Tactile Room specifically targeted for our younger students: Infants through young 2's. This classroom is an enrichment classroom that offers the babies and young ones an additional classroom space full of bright, age appropriate, fun, and engaging activities specifically designed for this age group. The children can explore the tactile wall panels or the sensory table along with the bright ball pit and so much more! This is an innovative, cutting edge concept we are pleased to offer our parents and little ones.
Technology Center
The Technology Center is another resource room designed for children ages 3 and up. Our Tech Center features Apple iPads available for use by the students. The TCA Technology Center is cutting edge and is intended for our students to immerse themselves in the high-tech world of today. Beginning in Preschool through our Afterschool program, children will have scheduled time to visit the Tech Center and enjoy interactive learning programs to allow children to learn at their designated level. Afterschool children are permitted to use for completing assignments and projects from the public school. TCA believes in the importance of providing the opportunity to use technology, while limiting the amount of time children are using “screen-time.” All technology is managed and protected to ensure that children are staying focused on age appropriate, educational focused material.

Indoor Atrium
The Atrium has a multitude of uses, and you will see this space used by every classroom throughout any given day. No matter the weather, the children are able to enjoy an outdoor experience in our Atrium. The TCA Atrium has a realistic feel with a large tree structure, artificial turf, naturalistic rocks, and a representational pour and play stream with a pond. Our goal is to bring the outdoors inside and to use this space to host a variety of enrichment programs. Throughout the week you will notice the Atrium used for Yoga, Dance, Mr. Music, Tumbling, and various movement activities such as parachute play. During the school-wide nap time the Infants take advantage of this quiet time to enjoy exploring the artificial turf and experiencing new sights and sounds. As the other children do, the Infants love their special exploration time in the Atrium. The Atrium is just another part of your child’s overall experience at The Children’s Academy. 
Art Studio
The Children’s Academy firmly believes in the proven benefits of presenting the Arts to children in a joyful, happy, and fun-loving environment. The Art Room is designed for children ages 3 and up and is used as a resource room for children to explore art materials and sensory items. Each of the Preschool, PreK, TK, and Afterschool classrooms have time scheduled during the week to come visit the art room. Teachers plan activities based on the week’s theme and the children have the opportunity to create unique works of art in a new environment. The resource rooms, such as the art room, are a great way for children to practice skills they will need for kindergarten, such as walking in a line in the hallway. Children get to practice staying quiet in the hall and stay in line with their peers. They also get the opportunity to practice listening to a new set of rules that the children need to follow when entering a room that isn’t their typical classroom. The art room supplies the children with various materials, sensory items, and utensils to allow everyone the chance to express themselves through their artwork. 
Natural Outdoor Playground 
The outdoor natural playground features a basketball court, large climbing hill with a slide and the Children's Village. In our special village, children will find a gas station, an auto body shop, house, grocery store, post office and garden. The children will have endless opportunities to play while learning basic interpersonal skills and learning through activities such as mail sorting, weighing fruits and vegetables, planting vegetables and much more. We even teach them basic traffic guidelines on our tricycle track. Beyond the village, the TCA playground also features a dramatic play stage, climbing wall, balance beams and other physical activities in which they can participate. It is our belief at The Children's Academy that children need to experience a safe, interactive and creative playground space while also enjoying the benefits of exercise and fitness.